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2019 made by michal kuperman ,ironi h tel aviv.

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I have been an English teacher for so many years but i am still enthusiastic about serving the Israeli school system. I grew up in Israel and will forever be grateful for the 5 years i spent as a child in Ashdod - a development town. Irony Hey municipal high school has become my second home for the past 32 years where many know me as the healthy lifestyle mentor.

Though i am about to retire in 2-3 years or maybe sooner, i am devoting much of my time twinning my school with two schools in Romania where i was born 


Water and Good Neighbors

Irony Hey High School Tel-Aviv


Water and Good Neighbors is an educational project teaching English in English which began in the summer of 2017 when Eco Peace International Israeli representative, Ms. Rotem Weissman Caro, approached Irony Hey high school Tel Aviv. The English department coordinator, Ms Lilach Manu welcomed the idea that the one group of advanced English speakers would study English doing research in a subject that is so painfully relevant to making peace in the Middle East. I decided to undertake the project thinking what more authentic and significant language teaching and learning can be there?!

The project which was meant to be worked on once in two weeks for just a double lesson got our students so involved that in between Rotem's visits we kept discussing the issues she presented us with.

My students went through a whole program carefully designed to motivate them to become truly concerned about the environment. In addition to heated debates about the films we watched (COWSPIRACY  is just one example) the field study of the water sources of the Dan area, the simulation of City Council taking decisions concerning budget allocation to water distribution, three of our students went to meet their peers (Palestinians, Israelis and Jordanians) in Sharnabil Eco park , Jordan.

The end of the year project was dedicated to Environmental Injustice. The students researched problems worldwide, analysed them in groups and wrote short summary essays suggesting solutions.

We were all so proud of our work that most of the essays were turned into Call for Action posters and the entire school enjoyed viewing the exhibition we posted both at the entrance to the school and on the school website.

Later, i learned that my students shared their products with friends all over the world.


This year 2019, some of the same students are part of the Water Diplomacy class led by my friend and colleague, Ms. Karen Neuberger, and will keep representing Israel at international youth forums.

In my humble opinion, teenagers are the best agents of change and good will ambassadors to make the world a better place!

Yours truly 

Michal Kuperman

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